BU Brew - Double Walled Glass Cup


Turn your daily coffee break into a ritual to savour, with our cup made from hand-blown premium grade glass. Cool to the touch and snug to hold, the clever double-walled glass system provides a layer of insulation to keep hot drinks warm for longer and cold drinks cool. Stylish and practical, it makes the perfect gift for tea and coffee lovers. You can also grab and go without fear of splashes, thanks to the ergonomically designed drinking spout - leaving you to enjoy a moment of calm wherever you are.

Double Walled

We believe a perfect moment shouldn’t be rushed. That’s why we use hand-blown, double-walled glass to lock in the heat whilst remaining cool to touch - so you can enjoy every sip. The thermal quality to the glass also keeps cool drinks chilled for longer.


Don’t you just hate it when hot coffee leaks out of the lid? That’s why we designed an ergonomic mouthpiece to reduce spills, and make the drinking experience a pure moment of pleasure.


Made using antimicrobial plastic and odour resistant glass, the cup stays clean for longer and is dishwasher safe.