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Filter Water Bottle



Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet, growing up to 3 feet per day, this alongside its strong and durable properties makes it a perfect material used in BU Water bottles.


Kiln Activated

Using a traditional Japanese method, we transform the bamboo into activated charcoal, by placing the stalks in a kiln. This process opens up millions of tiny pores within the bamboo's structure creating a huge surface area of activated charcoal with countless bonding sites.



Chemicals from the water are then attracted to these sites where they become trapped. Bad odours and chemicals such as Chlorine are then adsorbed by the filter whilst it simultaneously releases minerals such as potassium and magnesium back into the water creating a crisp and silky taste. Once you've finished using the filter it can be crushed and buried in your garden, releasing nutrients into the soil and helping plants grow.