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Product feature: Magnetic Key Holder

Product feature: Magnetic Key Holder

Everything needs a place to belong, even your keys. That’s why we designed our magnetic bamboo key holder, inspired by a bee's honeycomb. 

We believe in unlocking moments of delight - from the moment you walk out of the door for the day, to the first thing you see when you arrive home. And the place where you hang-up your keys is no exception. It's one of those small details that can add a touch of calm to a busy schedule.

Beautiful yet functional and made using eco-friendly bamboo - you can store up to five sets of keys using the powerful magnetic hooks that clip into the frame, and start your day stress-free.

Here's three reasons why we love it...

bamboo key holder


We chose to work with solid bamboo due to how quickly it grows, which is much more sustainable than other types of wood.

Also the way it’s cut and finished adds a lovely warmth to the wood which other bamboo products don't have.

I was experimenting with patterns and
loved the naturally formed shapes of
honeycomb and how natural it looked. 
(BU Designer)

Real honeycomb


Frustrated by the current selection of key holders on the market, we came up with this original design, which not only looks great but is also extremely practical.

BU co-founder, Richard, explains how he developed the design:

"I was experimenting with patterns and loved the naturally formed shapes of honeycomb and how natural it looked. The fact that it can be tessellated made it ideal to incorporate into a suitable design."

Strong magnetic key hook


At BU sustainability is also about longevity. That's why we use materials in our products that are durable and built to last - like neodymium magnets (the strongest magnets in the world!). 

Each magnet can hold up to 500 grams - that's about the weight of about 3-4 apples. So you can be sure that your keys will stay put, snug in their honeycomb structure. Choose from either a small honeycomb with two magnets or a larger one with five in total - perfect for the whole family. 

Looking for a sustainable gift idea? Then why not treat a friend or loved one to our honeycomb key holder, available now from our online shop.

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