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The Ultimate Eco-Luxury Retreat

Bambu Indah, which in Balinese means “lovely bamboo”, beautifully blends antique architecture with modern design creating a dream hotel for anyone seeking peace and calm.

This truly unique and sustainable boutique hotel opened its doors in 2005 with 13 bamboo buildings - each with a unique look and feel that allows guests to reconnect with nature.

Situated on a shrimp pond, one of the signature rooms (the Udang House) features glass floor panels that create an exceptional atmosphere by revealing a panorama of underwater activity.

Whether it’s taking an open air shower or eating at the hotel restaurant, which sources the majority of ingredients from the hotel’s organic garden, this experience is designed to immerse guests into nature.

It doesn’t stop there, outside is as amazing as inside with its stunning views overlooking the cascades of the Ayung River, a Hindu temple and volcanic ridges surrounding mount Batu.

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