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BU Water - The Bamboo Filter Water Bottle

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The Perfect Eco Friendly Gift.

BU Water is a 700ml, reusable water bottle. It keeps you hydrated wherever you go, without costing the planet.

Its lid and filter are 100% natural, to minimise the use of plastic.

Made from BPA and BPS-free Tritan, it’s shatter resistant, lightweight and dishwasher safe.


Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet, growing up to three feet per day. Strong, durable and sustainable, it’s perfect for BU Water bottles.


Using a traditional Japanese method, we place the stalks in a kiln to transform the bamboo into activated charcoal. This process opens up millions of tiny pores within the bamboo's structure, to capture impurities from your water.

Removes impurities

Unpleasant odours and chemicals, such as chlorine, are adsorbed and trapped by the filter. At the same time, minerals such as potassium and magnesium are released, to give your water a crisp and silky taste.


When you've finished using the filter, it can be crushed and buried in your garden. It will release nutrients into the soil, helping your plants grow.