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BU glass carafe with filter

Product feature: Glass carafe

Tall, slender and made from crystal clear mouth-blown glass, our contemporary carafe provides a centrepiece on any table. Ideally suited for aerating wine or infusing water - we’ve even made sure it’ll fit nicely inside your fridge door.

There is something timeless about glass. It’s transparency brings light into the home. It’s functional and can easily be washed and recycled. Thanks to traditional manufacturing techniques that have been around for centuries - it can also be transformed into exciting new forms and shapes that fit within a modern design aesthetic. 

We wanted to share some of the reasons why our designers love working with glass, and why it was the ideal material choice for the BU carafe. 

Bu glass carafe with cucumber

1. A material like no other

Glass feels like quite a pure material, it can be recycled indefinitely and the manufacturing process hasn’t really changed for hundreds of years which seems charming and authentic.

"Once the billet of glass is heated up to a molten temperature,
it is then hand blown"

2. Crystal clear

Our design philosophy at BU is all about creating products that are not only beautiful but also functional and sustainable. The simplistic and minimalist makeup of glass is something we try and incorporate into all of our designs. Our carafe is made of high quality crystal clear glass that never loses its quality no matter how many times you wash it.

3. Simplicity

The material properties of glass are ideally suited to simple and flowing forms, which is exactly what we wanted to achieve with the carafe. After sketching a few different shapes and refining the concept, we knew that glass would work perfectly with the final silhouette you see today.

BU glass carafe

4. Versatility 

Glass blowing has been around for centuries and it hasn’t changed a great deal in that time. Once the billet of glass is heated up to a molten temperature and then hand blown into a mould reflecting the shape of our carafe. It is a very skilled process and difficult to get right! 

5. Non-toxic

Glass is inert, which means it’s odour resistant making it easy to clean. It also doesn’t run the risk of leaching toxins and additives, making it perfect to be used with consumable liquids such as water infused juice or even wine. We intentionally gave the carafe a wide aperture as this helps aerate wine, and also makes it easier to add ice or fruit to water.

Our glass carafe is also available with a charcoal filter. Browse all products.

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